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CycleMate For Motorcycles


CycleMate is your ultimate riding companion and will forever change your riding experience. The app’s built in features will ensure that you save money, maintain your bike’s health and connect with the riding community. In addition, CycleMate directly connects you with your local dealer of choice and will enable you to receive messages, alerts, promotions and specials that are personalized based on the type of bike you own and your interests. Your motorcycle riding experience will never be the same again.Features:
• Receive personalized messages from your local dealer
• Log in information and pictures on your bike for your friends to see
• Schedule a service appointment at your local dealership
• Stay on top of the health of your bike through a bike health tracker
• Access the current and five day weather forecasts
• Get notified of events of interest at your local dealership
• Targeted specials and promotions
• Track your ride, post pictures and share it with friends
• Chat with your riding buddies
• Locate where your bike is parked on a map
• Directly dial and connect to your local dealership